2017–21        BA Pedagogy (University College of Teacher Education Vienna)
2007–13        Transmedia Art (University of Applied Arts Vienna)
2010–11        Networked Media (Piet Zwart Institute Rotterdam) – exchange
2006–07        MA Communication Design (Kingston University London)
2003–05        Foundation in Communication Design (Graphische Vienna)
2002–12        BA Theatre, Film and Media Studies (University of Vienna)

2014–             Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Department Art and Communication)
2016–20        Graphische Vienna (Department Multimedia)
2012–16        Art University Linz (Department Visual Communication)

Exhibitions and Screenings
2024               Factory for international Utopias, Schallaburg (AT)
2022               Close(d) Future, MMKK (AT)
2022               Fluid Identities, Theater Wolkenflug (AT)
2021               Koroška unser, Pavelhaus | Pavlova hiša (AT)
2021               Aufbruch und Stimmung, Galerie Šikoronja (AT)
2021               Mahler Forum, Mahler Komponierhäuschen Maiernigg (AT)
2021               Mahler Forum, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt (AT)
2021               MillstART, Millstatt am See (AT)
2021               Koroška unser, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt (AT)
2020               Pullfaktor, Unikum Wanderausstellung (AT)
2020               Trivium | Tri poti, Hemmaberg | Sv. Hema (AT)
2020               Unser Kärnten | Naša Koroška, K&K Zentrum St. Johann / Šentjanž (AT)
2020               GEGEN:BEWEGUNG | PROTI:GIBANJE, Galerija VŽIGALICA (SI)
2019               den blick öffnen, Palais Niederösterreich (AT)
2019               Palinsesti, San Vito al Tagliamento (IT)
2018               Premio in Sesto, San Vito al Tagliamento (IT)
2017               Access to Utopia, Research Pavilion Venice Biennale (IT)
2017               Missing Utopia, T/abor – curating (AT)
2016               Galerie Freihausgasse (AT)
2016               in schwebe | vse lebdi | in sospeso, Unikum Dreiländereck / Tromeja (AT)
2016               No Matter What, T/abor (AT) – curating
2016               Super Edition #5 (AT)
2016               Flux23 Galerie 3 (AT)
2016               Art Austria Leopold Museum (AT)
2015               Vienna Art Week (AT)
2015               Galerie Freihausgasse (AT)
2015               Widerstandsmahnmal Bregenz (AT)
2015               Galerie3 (AT)
2015               Werkschau für Grafisches und Illustratives (AT)
2014               Krinzinger Projekte (AT)
2014               Ars Electronica (AT)
2014               Steinhaus (AT)
2014               Contemporary Art Ruhr Media Art Fair (DE)
2014               Schaukasten (AT)
2014               Tribüne Linz (AT)
2014               Noarte San Sperate (IT)
2013               The Vienna Project (AT)
2013               Heiligenkreuzerhof (AT)
2013               Vorarlberg Architecture Instute (AT)
2013               Klagenfurter Ensemble (AT)
2012               Vienna Open (AT) – curating
2012               Dschungel Wien (AT)

2011               Angewandte Jagdgebiet (AT)
2011               Herbstklang Festival 7Stern (AT)

2011               Roodkapje Rotterdam (NL)
2011               Mock Show Rotterdam (NL)

2010               Speed Show Rotterdam (NL)

2010               Gerisch Skulpturenpark Neumünster (D)
2009               MuseumsQuartier Wien Electric Avenue (A)
2008               Palais Thurn and Taxis Bregenz (AT)
2008               Film Festival Kalamaria (GR)
2008               International Short Film Festival Milan (IT)
2008               Short Film Festival Mostar (BiH)
2008               Nitranska galéria (SK)
2008               Diagonale Graz (A)
2007               Kunsthalle Wien (A)
2007               DokMa Maribor (SI)
2007               Bargehouse Gallery London (UK)
2006               KinoOtok Isola Cinema (SI)
2005               Luksuz Film Festival Krško (SI)

Artist in Residence and Workshops
2024               Sonus _ Kärnten/Koroška (AT)
2017               Access to Utopia _ Research Pavilion Venice Biennale (IT)
2017               Care+Repair _ AzW, Vienna (AT)
2014               Steinhaus Revisited _ SeMF, Carinthia (AT)
2014               Dislocations _ Migaa Art Academies, Sardinia (IT)

Awards and Nominations
2018               Förderpreis des Landes Kärnten für Bildende Kunst (grant)
2018               Palinsesti, Premio in Sesti (winner)
2017               START-Stipendium für Medienkunst (grant)
2015               Bank Austria Kunstpreis für Junge Kunst Kärnten (winner)
2015               Widerstandsmahnmal Bregenz (winner)
2014               Fohn Stipendium (grant)
2013               Roter Teppich für junge Kunst (finalist)
2011               Angewandte Jagdgebiet
2008               Indipendent Film Festival Ljubljana (award)
2007               Ursula Blickle Stiftung Kunsthalle Wien (nominee)
2007               Filofest Academy of Art Ljubljana (award)

Publications and Releases
2022               Artist book – Imaginary Futures (WIEN/KLAGENFURT) – self-published
2021               Die Brücke (KLAGENFURT)
2021               Artist book – I, Nature (WIEN/KLAGENFURT) – self-published
2021               KÖR 2019–2021 (VIENNA) – editorial office
2020               Unser Kärnten / Naša Koroška (Mohorjeva, KLAGENFURT/CELOVEC)
2018               Lightness and Matter (De Gruyter, VIENNA)
2017               No-Time for Utopia (HELSINKI/VENICE) – self-published
2017               Subtext: Typedesign (Niggli, ZURICH/VIENNA)
2016               SUPER Edition #5 (VIENNA BASEL)
2015               TEC21 – Schweizer Bauzeitung (ZURICH)
2014               Displace. Migrating Art Academies (VILNIUS)
2014               International Journal of Art and Art History (NEW YORK)
2014               Ars Electronica Catalog (Hatje Cantz, LINZ)
2014               Contemporary Art Ruhr Media Art Catalog (ESSEN)
2011               Blossoms of a Multitude (VIENNA)
2011               Eikon – Magazine for Photography and Media Art (VIENNA)
2010               art online – Art Magazine (VIENNA)
2008               Antipodium act01 – On us. About Patterns and Properties (vai, DORNBIRN)
2008               Fremdbestimmung (VIENNA/KLAGENFURT) — self-published
2008               Video Release Austria (VIENNA)
2007               Ursula Blickle Videoarchiv (VIENNA)
2007               Being here, there and elsewhere (LONDON) — self-published
Nataša Sienčnik, born 1984, is a media artist and designer mapping different phenomena of being here, there and elsewhere, working on the intersection of various disciplines and territories. After her studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (Transmedia Art), Kingston University in London (Communication Design) and Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (Networked Media), she is currently based in Vienna and Carinthia. Her artistic research lies in a hybrid field with ephemeral borders, which questions the foundation of any object and its inclusion within any form of artistic category. Her works are heterogeneous in terms of technique, shape and dimension, and include theoretical investigations, photography, videos, and the modification of real objects and public installation that often involve the audience in a direct way. In the face of such formal complexity, the common denominator is the artist’s attention on the present time, in order to investigate its social, political, and cultural issues. (Text by Michela Lupieri)
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