Vienna Open
Festival for Open Design, Structure, Fashion and Sound
November 2012, Vienna

As a festival for open design VIENNA OPEN is providing a platform to discuss the idea of open design, open source and open knowledge especially in the fields of data and information, code and hardware, fashion and sound as well as product design. During the festival the VIENNA OPEN gallery where on demand produced products are on display, is also serving as a venue for various workshops and lectures about the subject matter: Visible Data, Open Organization, Open Design, Open Structures, Open Fashion and Open Sound. By exploring case studies and providing hands on workshops VIENNA OPEN tries to fathom both the open philosophy as a means of co-creation as well as provide space for applied projects and practical experience. The venue is open for the public, students and designers who are also invited to contribute to an OPEN DESIGN contest, which has been organized in collaboration with Waag Society, running from November 2012 to spring 2013.

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Project initiator: Gerin Trautenberger
Realized by Verlag Neue Arbeit
Project manager: Nataša Sienčnik / Bernhard Tobola
Curator (lectures/workshops): Nataša Sienčnik
Curator (exhibition): Moya Hoke
Curator (store): Bernhard Tobola
Exhibition design: Franz Piffl / Lukas Bast
Graphic design: Emanuel Jesse

Guests: Katarína Lukić Balážiková / Hana Hudakova (SK), Ronen Kadushin (IL/DE), Peter Kirn (US/DE), Thomas Lommée (BE), Cecilia Palmer (SE/DE), Georg Russegger (AT), Andreas Stoiber (AT) and Tingel Tangel (AT)
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