Dance Performance
March 2012, Dschungel Vienna

Within paradigms, archetypes, illusions, role models and ideals two dancers are searching for their true identity. Reality? – A play with imitation, illusional, fictitious and blurred images.

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Photo: Nataša Sienčnik / Die Angewandte

Concept and dance: Anja Kolmanics, Martina Rösler
Dramaturgy: Ulla Steyrleuthner
Text research: Anne-Sophie Meusbuerger
Light: Veronika Mayerböck
Music: Philipp Knopf, Philipp Pankraz
Stage: Birgit Kellner
Projections: Nataša Sienčnik
Costumes: Luise Ehrenwerth
Coach: Joke Laureyns (kabinet k)

Dschungel Wien
Szene Bunte Wähne OFFSPRING.production
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