2017 # OBJECTS
Series of No-Clocks
Research Pavilion Venice
November 2017, Camino Events series, Venice

What is Utopia? A place tied to the notion of time, or the negation of time. It represents a continuous loop, a long NOW detached from history and denying the possibility of any future evolvement. In this project the notion of time was translated into a series of No-clocks. Each of the objects is representing the idea of no-time or a continuous now-time.

Today is tomorrow is yesterday is a modified calendar, giving the user the possibility to change the date, however, the display is blank, with no history and no future. Around-the-clock is featuring a globe ticking in a familiar and nostalgic way, yet the object is
deprived of its original function. The infinite endless of time is presenting a loop endlessly multiplying in a mirror. Turn back the clock is fulfilling the wish of getting back lost time, going back in history instead of transientness in the future. Play time is playing the sound of a clock, but with no clock hands all-together. Only the sound of a traditional clock is structuring time in intervals. Dead time is keeping the traditional clock as a leftover of “old” times, being overgrown in time by moss. And finally Time flies using an ordinary balloon to display the fleeting moment.

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Clockworks, Wood, Plastic, Glass, Polystyrene, Moss, Balloon
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