How to draw a border in the sky
Palinsesti, Premio in Sesto
November 2018, San Vito al Tagliamento

The project consists of an installation of approx. 7 white bird houses situated in a garden of San Vito al Tagliamento. These utopian sculptures resemble abstract houses, attracting migrant birds and providing nests for their families. The sky doesn’t have borders and we invite these birds to visit our perfect gardens and provide them with shelter and food. These creatures are more than welcome to stay, unlike others, that are crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Promises of a better land are soon to be crushed, when utopian imagination and reality overlap. We lock them in towers, cages, barracks and far away places, doing our best to exclude them from public life.

The installation is meant to be placed in the garden of the Ancient Hospital, a historic place of compassion. At first glance the objects look just like idyllic little family houses. It is at closer inspection that they turn out to be cages rather than homes. Their windows are being locked with lattice and their golden doors can close at any time.
3d printed objects / model 1:5
Polylactic acid, Brass, Polystyrol base

Prototype / model 1:1
Wood, Paint, without metal Stand
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