How to draw a border in the sky
Palinsesti, Premio in Sesto
October 2019, San Vito al Tagliamento

By means of an analogy between the migratory streams undertaken by people and birds, the artist investigates the concept of border, by creating a work of social critique for the garden in San Vito al Tagliamento. The installation consists of a group of seven small white houses, all different in shape, which represent idyllic dwellings for migratory birds. However, the presence of a little sliding door at the opening of each house transforms them into cages, or, on the contrary, shelters where it is not possible to enter. By giving the audience the chance to close or open these little doors, the artist highlights how much every living being depends on other people’s choices.
Intelligent Wood, metal construction, variable dimensions
Curated by Michela Lupieri
Text by Michela Lupieri
Metal construction by Bernhard Ranner
Wood by Jacqueline Pechak
Photos (1–3) by the artist
Photo (4) by Irene Fanizza | Post Past
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