— I, Nature
Mahler Forum for Music and Society
July 2021, Mahler Komponierhäuschen / Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt

As part of the 1st Mahler Forum for Music and Society in the summer of 2021 Nataša Sienčnik presented the artistic intervention — I, Nature, which, in conjunction with an artist’s book, is a poetic as well as pointed reflection on the appropriation of nature by man. With the voice of nature, the artist questions the way people deal with our living space without pointing a finger, she thematizes depictions of landscapes across art history, the surveying, and cartography of the world, the decorating of our living space with houseplants or the innumerable, constantly renewed photographs of nature. She focuses on geometric shapes, grids and structures that are already in nature and are adopted by humans in a variety of ways. (Text: Nora Leitgeb for Die Brücke)

Download artists’ book
Flag installation and artists’ book
Photos by Gerhard Maurer (2021)
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