Publishing of the Imaginary
Close(d) Future
April 2022, MMKK Project Space

The Future Generator is a visual mixing tool that visualizes possible future scenarios by changing certain parameters. Originally designed together with Brigitte Höfler as a graphic tool for the poster design of the symposium “Multiply Futures – About possible and impossible future scenarios” 2014 at the Kunstuni Linz, the Future Generator 2.0 visualizes temporary narrative excerpts of a fictitious future. Depending on the settings, utopian to dystopian text fragments and visual environments are created. These snapshots can be printed out and serve as aesthetic templates in the context of the exhibition in order to talk about possible ideas for the future.

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Visuals & Content by Nataša Sienčnik
Object by Brigitte Höfler & Nataša Sienčnik
Coding by Clemens Schrammel
Hardware by Gregor Göttfert
Ceramics by Deike Janßen

Photos (1–2) by Melitta Moschik
Photo (3) by Wolfgang Janach
Photos (4–5) by Johannes Puch
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